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MEAN 2 - Full-Stack Solution with Angular 4 and TypeScript

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Fast & Responsive layout.

MEAN 2 is using pure Angular 4 and Material Design for maximum speed possible on the Web Platform purpose.

What is MEAN

MEAN is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies — MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and NodeJS — used to develop web applications. From the client and server sides to databases, MEAN is a full-stack development toolkit.

What is MEAN 2

MEAN 2 is developed based on Mean JS project but coding is written in TypeScript and using Angular 4. MEAN 2 separate Mean JS into three part: Express back-end RESTful API, Admin dashboard, and Site front end.

RESTful API server for querying data in a MongoDB database.
High performance Admin dashboard,  supper HTML content tool inside.
 Responsive Site front end with SEO support by Angular Universal.


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The backend structure to support MVC modules

The server-side application level files were reorganized as well. The `express.js` file has been modularized extensively, to ensure readability and easy replacement or extension of the different middleware components.

In-place image cropper

In-place image cropper allows you to crop your images in place, meaning that you are cropping your images in the frontend rather than the backend allowing you to see the result instantly. Cropping process is executed on API server to create high quality image.
In-place image cropper is allows you to drag and zoom an image to select a cropping area, Dragging and zooming the image also works on touch devices.

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Beautiful HTML builder

Unlike other editors Beautiful HTML Builder provides you with beautifully designed content blocks, ready to drag & drop. You can even create your own content blocks. With In-place image cropper integrated, you can direct edit image in your content and save it to high quality result.

Mean 2 project is under development, not public yet. Please contact us if you are looking to build a speed & performance app.

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